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Canaan Provides Nucleic Acid Testing for Employees

Mar. 07, 2020


    In order to actively respond to the government’s call for scientifically and orderly epidemic prevention, control deployment and resumption of production, and to minimize the risk of returning workers infected by the novel coronavirus, Canaan recently engaged a third-party professional inspection agency to diagnose the disease. Medical personnel conduct nucleic acid screening tests for returning employees, and set up a "shield" to ensure the health of employees.

    In response to the special requirements in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, in order to ensure the health of employees and safe production resumption of company’s key projects, Canaan positively cooperated with the local government to comprehensively verify the isolation workers' observations and physical conditions in the past 14 days. With the actions of nucleic acid screening and inspection, uniform declaration, uniform sampling, and uniform inspection to ensure "early detection, early reporting, early isolation, and early treatment".

    At the inspection site, everybody lined up in an orderly manner, filling out personal information forms, taking temperature, getting sampling bottles with detection barcodes, and finally taking out throat swabs. The whole process was orderly. According to the medical staff of Dean, screening of the novel coronavirus in the staff will yield results within 48 hours after sampling. Nucleic acid detection can effectively screen patients in incubation period, suspected cases and asymptomatic stealth infections, quickly screen shunts, and prevent cross-infection.

    In addition, company employees take temperature during work and wear masks during work. The employees take meals in batches in the company canteen. The staff of the epidemic prevention team daily disinfects employees' accommodation, living area, office, and public areas. Canaan has grasped the epidemic prevention and control in one hand, resumed work and production in the other, adhered to the initiative, and promoted in an orderly manner to achieve epidemic prevention production.

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