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Canaan Technology Team Enters Yongjia Landscape

Mar. 06, 2019

On February 15th, the first lunar month of the lunar calendar, the taste of the year has not faded. In the midst of the cold weather, the Canaan Science and Technology Engineering Service Department organized staff to go out after the two-day meeting. Nearly 40 people participated in the event, aiming to let everyone intimately contact with nature through team activities, relax and take part in the next work with a better spirit.


Due to work needs, the Kass of the Engineering Services Department was in the state of “on the road” for most of the year, and usually returned to the driver. At the opening meeting, everyone summarized the work of the past year and also clarified the work ideas and work plans for the new year. During the post-conference activities, everyone talked and laughed along the way, or exchanged work experience, or mutual complaints of life, the atmosphere is very harmonious. Employees have said that departmental activities can promote communication and communication within the team, which helps to cultivate the morale of the whole team, so that everyone can devote themselves to the next work in a better state while relaxing.

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