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Digital Factory Wins The Future 1

Jan. 09, 2019

On July 27th, under the leadership of Chen Jianfu, director of the Yongjia County Economic and Information Bureau, the Yongjia County Enterprise Association, the Yongjia County Industrial Economic Association, the Yongjia County Entrepreneur Association and the Yongjia County Enterprise Information Promotion Association visited Zhejiang. Canaan Technology Co., Ltd., President of Canaan Technology Founder, Chief Executive Officer Zhou Yuhong and Chief Operating Officer Liang Gaoxiang and other middle and high-level managers accompanied the reception and had a discussion. We detail the workings of Pharmaceutical Equipment.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, the visitors came to Gannan Science and Technology and started a cordial exchange with Canaan Technology. He also listened to Jiang Min, manager of Human Resources Department of Canaan Technology Corporation, introducing the company's transformational development process, future planning and modernization of the company's smart factory. Afterwards, the visitors visited the company's digital process laboratory and “C-M Digital Factory” and our Bin Washing Station workshop under the leadership of Canning Technology President Founder.

Liang Gaoxiang, Director of Canaan Technology Operations, introduced that “CM Digital Factory” is a new concept put forward by Canaan Technology according to the company's own situation. This concept uses the big data platform to collect information and track the progress of the project, and to change the traditional workshop process from management. Finally, the intelligence of the entire plant. After using the "C-M Digital Factory", Canaan's workshop not only improved operational efficiency, but also was more standardized and effective in management and decision-making, and the entire factory was completely renewed.

Bin Washing Station

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