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The Main Features Of Laboratory Large Shear Mixers

Dec. 18, 2018

Laboratory Large Shear Mixers are acceptable for wet blending, granulation and drying of small amounts of pharmaceutical goods with manual or automated direction of processing cycles.

Now, Pharmaceutical Equipment Exporter will summarize its main features for everyone.

Mobile solution.

Utilization for blending, granulating and drying procedures.

Granulating chamber available in a variety of volumes.

Transparent lid to Your granulating chamber.

Funnel and Guide valve for Attaching granulation Fluids to the chamber.

Exhaust filter.

Automatic management by PLC + touchscreen.

USB connection for external printer.

Components Which come in contact with Merchandise in mirror polished AISI 316 L, RA≤ 0,4 μm.

Components Touch with Merchandise in Nice Lace polished AISI 304,RA ≤ 0,8 μm.

Optional product temperature probe.

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Laboratory Large Shear Mixers

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