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Standardize After-sales Management System To Create One-stop Professional Services

Jan. 02, 2019

On September 21, 2018, Canaan Technology received the "After-sales Service Certification Certificate" from Beijing Wuzhou Tianyu Certification Center, which became the only one in the pharmaceutical equipment industry to pass the GB/T27922 "Commodity After-sales Service Evaluation System" certification. Five-star "after-sales service capability Pharmaceutical Equipment enterprises.

In order to further implement the strategy of “product-leading customer experts” proposed at the beginning of the year, Canaan Technology introduced the after-sales service management system and established a set of “customer-oriented value creation, one-stop whole-course worry-free” service policy. A 360-degree product and service standard centered on the customer's individual needs and the “pleasant experience of increasing customer use”. We adopt advanced technology to produce the Fluid Bed Dryer.

By standardizing the service management system, the company further integrated the service network, optimized the organizational structure, and improved after-sales service capabilities, and sought better solutions from technical support, product design, manufacturing, distribution and installation, customer complaint handling, and maintenance services. Customers feel more enjoyable service. Since the implementation of the service management system, the customer service department has received letters from Tomson Bianjian, Beijing Yabao Bio, Guangdong Dongyang Pharmaceutical, Zhejiang Chetou Pharmaceutical, Sansheng Pharmaceutical (Esser Project), Shanghai Ajinomoto and other companies. The letter highly praised the service of Canaan. We provide high quality Fluid Bed Granulator.

As requested by Mr. Fang Zheng, President of Canaan Technology, after passing the after-sales service certification, Canaan Technology will be more strictly regulated by the after-sales service system standards, and will be “integrity”, “timeliness” and “effectiveness” in terms of services. Ensure customer satisfaction.

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