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The Guarantee Of Drug Quality - Pharmaceutical Equipment 2

Feb. 25, 2019

Pharmaceutical Equipment involves pharmacy, pharmaceutical technology, biotechnology, chemistry, metal materials, mechanical principles, electrical engineering, refrigeration technology, HVAC technology, hydraulic and pneumatic technology, computers and many other applications, with extremely complex characteristics. With the rapid development of science and technology and the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical equipment plays an increasingly important role in the field of medicine, which can effectively improve the technical content of medicines, promote the automation, informationization and intelligence of the production process, and ensure the standardization of product quality. Promote the intensive development of the pharmaceutical industry.

First of all, in the design and manufacture of pharmaceutical equipment and Bin Washing Station, it should meet the requirements of pharmaceutical production and process, safe, stable, reliable, easy to clean, disinfect or sterilize, easy to produce and maintain, and prevent errors and cross-contamination, pay attention to choice Non-toxic, non-radiative, relatively stable materials and special environments that can adapt to pharmaceutical production.

Pharmaceutical Equipment

Second, and most importantly, the means of prevention and control of pollution in production by pharmaceutical equipment. The pharmaceutical process is complicated, which also determines the versatility of the functions of pharmaceutical equipment, meets the requirements of use, conforms to GMP and effectively carries out pollution prevention and control, reduces the pollution of drugs in the production process, and achieves the purpose of ensuring the quality requirements of drugs. Prevention and control of pollution in terms of appearance structure, material selection and equipment verification.

Pharmaceutical equipment is a protective wall for drug safety. Therefore, the design and Pharmaceutical Equipment Exporter needs to meet the requirements of relevant industry standards, reduce pollution factors, and have good prevention and control of pollution.


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