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Canaan Appears on Pharmingredients & PharmTech Exhibition in Russia

Dec. 11, 2017

Pharmingredients+ and PharmTech exhibitions are held at the same time from November 21st to 24th, 2017 by ITE, which known as pharmaceutical industry’s most professional and largest exhibition in Russia and CIS countries. Pharmingredients+ focuses on raw materials and ingredients, while Pharmtech on equipment. Their combination makes it become the largest pharmaceutical technology exhibition in Russia and CIS countries which displays the most comprehensive technology and equipment, covering pharmaceutical materials, quality control, laboratory equipment, transportation and storage technologies, etc. 

Russian government expects foreign enterprises to help Russia realize drug innovation and turn Russia into an important API production base through multinational enterprises. In the near future, some global well-known enterprises such as Novartis, AZN, GSK and Pfizer will announce to establish production and R&D bases in Russia.

Canaan, as the only supplier for solid preparation whole line Pharmaceutical Equipment in China, also participates this exhibition with laboratory equipment to implement our “Health Strategy”. During this exhibition, we receive customers from Eastern Europe countries like Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Czech and Turkmenistan in our booth and more than 20 companies have expressed their intentions to cooperate with us, among which 4 companies want to work together with us for EPC Project (Turnkey Project). “ Compare with other engineering companies who simply do EPC projects, Canaan enjoys its excellent advantages of technology and experience. When carry out the design, we will take cost and quality into consideration to ensure our customer can obtain the best quality but at the lowest price.” on site staff said.  

At the exhibition, we meet five regular customers and determine two projects on site. Meanwhile, they express their trust in Canaan quality and welcome our new customers to visit their factories. In fact, not only pharmaceutical manufacturers, but also many foreign engineering companies think highly of our equipment, hoping to establish a long-term cooperation. Moreover, our videos about equipment and EPC project also attract a lot of manufacturers, engineering companies and even college students and our concept and vision are appreciated by them. 

At the end of the exhibition, sponsor ITE invites Canaan to attend banquet and announces that Canaan is one of their high-quality customers. This exhibition lays a solid foundation for next year and we believe that Canaan can carry out “Health Strategy” to every corner of the world by our abundant resources. 

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