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Digital Factory Wins The Future 2

Feb. 22, 2019

After visiting our Laboratory High Shear Mixer workshop, Director Chen said that the main purpose of this visit to Canaan Science and Technology is to deepen the implementation of the provincial and municipal information economy and information strategy deployment, and accelerate the "Internet +" blueprint for the 13th Five-Year Plan for information development. Visit and experience, and jointly explore the future of enterprise transformation and development in Yongjia County. Through this visit, he saw the perfect combination of intelligent technology and factory manufacturing. The digital factory model and intelligent warehousing logistics system built by Canaan Technology made everyone refreshed. More importantly, he has experienced a broad vision of successful entrepreneurs. When most companies can't cross the threshold of transformation, Canaan Technology, under the leadership of Mr. Fang, has adapted to the pace of the times and transformed from a valve industry to a big health industry. The successful transformation of the company has brought valuable experience to Yongjia's company, and has also driven the development of the Pharmaceutical Equipment industry.

Pharmaceutical Equipment

Canaan Technology President Founder responded that Canaan Science and Technology, as a native of Yongjia County, can not be separated from the government's help and support. The successful transformation of Canaan Technology is also the opportunity to seize the times and policies. In the days to come, Canaan Science and Technology will exchange and learn more with Yongjia enterprises, continue to work hard to repay the society, and make their own contributions to Wenzhou's economy!

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