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How Does The Laboratory High Shear Mixer Work?

Sep. 15, 2018

Here is the work process of Laboratory High Shear Mixer

1.High-speed rotary mixing of precision machined rotors/blades produces powerful suction, and liquid and solid materials enter the center of the work head from the bottom of the vessel.

2.Using centrifugal force to rush the material toward the periphery of the work head, they receive mixing and mixing between the tail of the precision machined rotor blade and the inner wall of the ring.

3.After mixing evenly, the material is subjected to the forces of intense hydraulic shearing technology and passes through the perforations in the ring at higher turnover rates.

4.It then flows along the pipe to the exit of the machine, while fresh material is continuously delivered to the work head and maintained in a circulating mixing. Maximize the possibility of not allowing air to enter the work head to create bubbles in the material.

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