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Disadvantages of Fluid Bed Dryer

Sep. 10, 2018

Fluid Bed Dryer is a sort of equipment utilized widely in the pharmaceutical businesses to decrease the moisture content of pharmaceutical powder and granules. The gear works on a principle of fluidization of these feed materials. In fluidization procedure, warm air is released in high pressure through a perforated bed of moist strong parasitic. 

But there are several disadvantages of China Fluid Bed Dryer.

High stress drops leads as a consequence of the requirement to suspend the whole mattress in gas that equally contributes to high energy intake.

Requires enhanced gas managing as a result of extensive recirculation of exhausts gasoline to get high thermal efficiency performance.

Poor fluidization and reduced flexibility particularly when the feed is too moist.

Perhaps not the best choice of gear when organic solvents will need to be eliminated during drying.

Amusement of fine particles.

High possibility of attrition; and in certain instances agglomeration of particles.

The traditional hot air fluidized bed dryer isn't a fantastic alternative of drier when managing toxic or flammable solids because there's danger of explosion or fire of flammability limits are surpassed.

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Fluid Bed Dryer

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