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What are the Advantages of the Decoction Machine?

Jul. 17, 2020

The decoction machine is a decoction device that can decoction medicine quickly. Traditional Chinese medicine decoction is one of the traditional dosage forms of traditional Chinese medicine, The quality of the decoction directly affects the clinical efficacy.  Decoction affects the curative effect to the material basis is mainly the active ingredients decoction, Therefore, in order to give full play to the clinical efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine decoction, the effective ingredients must be decoction to the maximum extent.

Decoction Machine

The Chinese medicine decoction machine has the following advantages in the process of Chinese medicine decoction:

1. First of all, due to the pressure, the active ingredients in Chinese medicinal materials are more easily decoction, and the protein of animal medicine is more easily hydrolyzed. Some hard minerals and shellfish are difficult to decoct effective ingredients at room temperature and pressure, and the rate of decoction of active ingredients is increased by pressure and high temperature.

2. Due to airtight decoction, aromatic drugs can be fully retained.

3. The pressure and temperature in the process of decoction fully kill the bacteria and spores. The process of decoction and packaging is a completely closed process, which ensures the sterility and sanitation of the drug solution.

4. The whole process of the decoction machine and the packaging machine is an automated process, only need to set the temperature, pressure and time, one person can manage the number of machines

5. Because of the closed frying, the reduction of water vapor greatly improves the working environment and frees the staff from high temperature and high humidity environment

6. Combined decoction of several doses, the pharmacy formula can adopt the total measurement method, which not only solves the problem of inaccurate dosage adjustment and low efficiency of the pieces, but also ensures that the concentration and ingredients in each dose are evenly distributed, and the taste of the liquid before and after will not be different. The difference in composition.

The advantages of the decoction machine are described above. If you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact.

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