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Advantages of the Through-wall Design of Pharmaceutical Equipment

Jul. 19, 2019

High Shear Mixer Supplier to share with you the advantages of the through-wall design of pharmaceutical equipment.

(1) Saving plant use costs

Pharmaceutical production has strict requirements on the production environment. Without affecting the production process and operation, reducing the clean area can reduce environmental costs. The equipment adopts a through-wall design, and the area of the process area occupied by the equipment itself is about the purpose of the cost of the plant.

(2) Facilitating the cleanliness of the plant and equipment itself

Traditionally designed pharmaceutical equipment needs to be detachable due to maintenance needs, such as cover and cover, which is not convenient for sealing treatment. Because the wall-through type pharmaceutical equipment is close to the side of the high-grade clean area, it does not need to be disassembled after installation, so it can be designed as a fixed or integral type, which reduces the seam treatment, makes the equipment look neat and easy to realize the purification of the process area. Treatment, such as cleaning and disinfection.

(3) The design and manufacture of the equipment itself can be optimized

Conventionally designed equipment may cause contamination of the process area due to rusting of components, leakage of lubricating oil from the transmission parts, debris from belt pulleys and belt friction, or necessary access door settings. After the strict isolation measures between the equipment process area and the auxiliary area of the through-wall layout, the above problems can be placed in the auxiliary area, and the design of the process area can make the equipment meet the requirements of cleanliness, and can also solve the strength and transmission of the traditional design. Problems such as heat dissipation and cost, so that the equipment design is optimized to meet GMP requirements.

Pharmaceutical Equipment

(4) Reduce noise and improve the comfort of the working environment

The transmission equipment is placed in the auxiliary area, and the isolation noise can reduce the transmission noise and improve the comfort of the working environment.

(5) Facilitating equipment operation

The layout of the wall can be considered to be installed through the wall through the operation interface such as the touch screen, which does not occupy the process area space, and is convenient for the operation interface to be used and cleaned.

(6) Easy to repair

The overall design of the wall-constructed workshop can bring together the auxiliary areas of various equipments. On the one hand, it can shorten the water, electricity, gas, steam and other pipelines provided by the factory, facilitate the maintenance of the production room facilities, and reduce the operating costs of the factory; on the other hand Pharmaceutical Equipment specially designed area of maintenance, easy to install docking water, electricity, gas, steam and equipment, and thereby facilitate the overall maintenance of plant and equipment.

(7) Maintenance work does not affect the process area

After the main equipment is isolated, the maintenance work is carried out in the maintenance area to prevent the different levels of clean areas from communicating during the maintenance operation, so that the cleanliness level is damaged. Here, the wall layout can be repaired without affecting the production of other equipment, ensuring that the maintenance activities do not affect the quality of the medicine to the maximum extent and meet the requirements of GMP.

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