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The Basic Content Of The Turnkey Project

May. 22, 2019

As a Turnkey Projects Manufacturer, Canaan gave you a summary of the basic content of Turnkey Projects. Mainly divided into the following stages:

Conception stage

In this stage, the feasibility of the technical, economic, policy, and environmental aspects of the service content should be completed; the service target should be determined according to the principle of two-way selection; after extensive investigation and study, and listening to the opinions of personnel at all levels, Feasibility plan.

Design phase

At this stage, the service unit is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and processing of software.

Turnkey Projects

Implementation phase

The task of this stage is mainly to convert most of the software into hardware, that is, generalized hardware processing and manufacturing, combined assembly, and complete the corresponding personnel training and other software processing tasks, which may be called generalized process equipment processing.

The final stage

This phase is the end of Turnkey Projects, which is the commissioning, trial production, and production application of the hardware and software phase. It is a test of the on-site strain and processing capacity of the service unit, and it is also directly related to whether the service object can finally accept the key handed over by the service unit to “open the door”.

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