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How to Choose a Laboratory Mixer?

Aug. 20, 2019

There are many kinds of Laboratory Mixer, various physical and chemical characteristics and their influence on the mixing equipment, whether the material has special treatment requirements during the mixing process, and the installation space of the mixer are all issues that users need to consider.

Taking the application of the mixer in the powder field as an example, the commonly used powder mixing machine mainly has a three-dimensional mixer, a V-type mixer, and a double-cone mixer, and the three mechanical devices are different. As a High Shear Mixer Supplier, let's share it with you.

The barrel of the three-dimensional mixer is driven by the driving shaft to perform a compound movement such as translational rotation and tumbling, which causes the material to perform a three-way composite motion of the ring, the radial direction and the axial direction along the barrel. It realizes the mutual flow, diffusion, accumulation and doping of various materials to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.

The V-type mixer uses the principle that the lengths of the two cylindrical barrels of the mixing machine are not equal, forming an asymmetry. When the mixing machine rotates, the materials are decomposed to combined, from combination to decomposition, and the materials are promoted for lateral communication.

Experts said that when mixing materials with good fluidity and similar physical properties, they can get better mixing effect. When the physical properties of the mixed powder materials are large, the ideal mixture is generally not obtained; the energy consumption is large, the particles are mutually impacted and the friction is large, and the basic characteristics of the powder component are easily changed, such as: the particle size becomes small. The particle shape changes.

Laboratory Mixer

Laboratory Mixer

The double cone mixer adds the powder to the double cone barrel. As the barrel rotates continuously, the powder material undergoes a complex impact movement in the container to achieve uniform mixing.

In addition, when selecting the equipment, the user should pay special attention to the sealing of the production equipment for the finer materials. At the same time, the residual amount should be carefully considered. For materials with different specific gravity, the mixing equipment has different structural strength and power. The performance parameters such as the discharge gate, rotor, body and other structural forms and even the rotational speed are often quite different, and cannot be simply regarded as local reinforcement or power scaling.

In addition, installing controls is a constant consideration when choosing a hybrid device. For example, horizontal mixers are generally suitable for large-area and limited height applications; vertical mixers, on the other hand, vertical mixers are suitable for applications where space is small, while gravity-free mixers and V-type mixers have the same specifications. Compared to other hybrid devices, the footprint is generally much larger.

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