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Why is the efficient cleaning of the pharmaceutical industry critical?

Nov. 06, 2019

  Pharmaceutical Equipment includes: pulverizer, slicer, frying machine, decocting machine, tableting machine, pelleting machine, multi-function extraction tank, liquid storage tank, liquid mixing tank, vacuum drying oven, tilting reaction pot, Capsule filling machine, blister packaging machine, granule packing machine, powder packaging machine, V-type mixer, lifting feeder, etc.

Pharmaceutical Equipment

Pharmaceutical Equipment

  Raw material medicine equipment and machinery;

  (2) preparation machinery;

  (3) Medicinal crushing machinery;

  (4) Pieces of machinery;

  (5) Pharmaceutical water equipment;

  (6) Pharmaceutical packaging machinery;

  (7) Drug testing equipment;

  (8) Other pharmaceutical machinery and equipment (pharmaceutical auxiliary equipment)

  In recent years, as China's pharmaceutical industry continues to improve the requirements for the cleaning of pharmaceutical containers, facing new opportunities and challenges, it is necessary to clearly define the classification, marking, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, instructions for use, packaging, Transportation and storage, etc., to promote the overall standard of the industry.

  First, a clean and hygienic production environment is the most basic requirement of pharmaceutical companies, and efficient cleaning is very important. Second, in the process of drug processing, avoiding the deposition of flour dust and flowing with the air is an important part of the air purification system; Large processing enterprises, if using manual cleaning, the cost is large, and the more cleaning workers, the more pollution sources, the greater the probability of quality problems, the urgent need for efficient cleaning equipment instead of labor.

  What are the advantages of Rongen cleaning equipment?

  First, it does not take up a certain amount of time to clean, nor does it affect daily production; the second is a decibel effect of 58 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound of indoor conversation, and does not disturb the work of some silent requirements; the third is the same size machine, Rongen water tank Larger, the sweeping width is wider; the fourth is the appearance upgrade, the color is more abundant, the shape is more fashionable and beautiful.

  Why is machine replacement labor more cost effective?

  Generally, the cleaning efficiency of Bin Washing Station is 2,000 to 6,000 square meters per hour, and it can work continuously for 3-4 hours, which is several times to 10 times that of manual cleaning. In other words, one machine can replace several to ten. Cleaner.

  As a Bin Washing Station Manufacturer, under the pressure of increasing national GMP standards and increasingly tight pharmaceutical industry policies, energy conservation, environmental protection and green production have become the mainstream of the transformation and upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry. The cleaning industry needs to seize the policy changes and market demand, and combine the advantages of the industry to continuously learn advanced cleaning technology at home and abroad, improve innovative equipment, and better assist the cleaning of pharmaceutical factories, thus promoting the sustainable development of China's pharmaceutical industry.

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