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Do You Know About High Shear Mixer?

Jul. 17, 2018

High Shear Mixer is mainly used for developing wet powder particles, also can be in bulk dry material crushing to the grain, its main function is to carry on the simple screen installation, also suitable for adjusting the density.

Angle of seven roller disassembly convenient, easy to clean, all closed mechanical drive system within the body, and is equipped with a lubrication system, the machine running smoothly, The wet legal system grain of machine maintenance instructions: check monthly, check the worm gear, worm, bearing parts, and other activities of flexibility and wearability, found that the absence should be timely repair, should not be free to use, the machine must be kept in dry and clean indoor, the atmosphere may not contain acid, and other mechanical parts there is corrosive gas, when used in the machine in efficient wet granulator or closing, the rotating drum must be moved to the cleaning and brushing of the residual powder barrels, then install, preparing for next time use.

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