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Maintenance of Capsule Filling Machine

Jul. 29, 2019

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine China has a fast filling speed and a small difference in size of the capsule filling machine. It combines the filling of the capsule shell, the capsule cap finishing and the capsule set, which is compact and convenient. High Shear Mixer Supplier to share with you how to maintain the capsule filling machine.

1. Clean up parts

When the machine is working for a long time, it is necessary to regularly contact the drug, and when the drug batch is changed or the deactivation time is long, it should be cleaned up.

2. Add lubricant

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine China The transmission mechanism under the work surface should always add a proper amount of grease (fat) to reduce the wear of moving parts.


3. Check the amount of oil

The main drive reducer should check the oil quantity once a month. If it is insufficient, it should be refueled in time, and the lubricating oil should be replaced once every six months. The rotary station working position indexing box should be replaced once every 3000h. According to the experience, 90# oil is used. .

4. Safety clutch

The safety clutch is protected when the Automatic Capsule Filling Machine China is overloaded. The clutch should not slip when the load is normal. However, due to long-term use, slipping may occur. When the normal use occurs, the round nut of the clutch can be tightened to ensure the normal operation of the Automatic Capsule Filling Machine China.

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