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The Principle of QD Series Bin Washing Station

Sep. 04, 2019

As a Bin Washing Station Supplier, let's talk about the principle of the QD series Bin Washing Station.

1. Use

This machine is mainly used for automatic cleaning of containers in the production process of solid preparations in the pharmaceutical industry. With a hopper cleaning machine capable of cleaning mixed hoppers or turnover hoppers of different specifications, it is an ideal equipment for cleaning containers in pharmaceutical factories. At the same time, it is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

2. Principle

Bin Washing Station has a cleaning room, a pumping station, an air handling unit, and a control system. Open the inlet door of the washing machine during work, and push the used mixing hopper, turnover hopper and other containers into the cleaning chamber to close the door of the washing machine. Set the cleaning program according to the process requirements, confirm the power-on cleaning, and automatically set the program to work. After cleaning, open the exit door of the washing machine, push out the cleaned container, and send it to the intermediate station for storage.

Bin Washing Station

Bin Washing Station

3. Features

Bin Washing Station China is a new type of machine that has extensively absorbed and digested foreign advanced technology and successfully developed in combination with national conditions. The structure is reasonable, the performance is stable, the operation is convenient, the machine has no dead angle and no exposed screws. The machine uses PLC to automatically control to ensure production safety. The production process has been optimized to fully comply with GMP requirements for pharmaceutical production.

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