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What About the High Temperature of the Roller Compactor?

Aug. 28, 2018

High Quality Roller Compactor can recycle waste plastics. It can reduce the pollution caused by waste plastics and protect the ecological environment while turning waste into treasure.

When we use Roller Compactor , we sometimes encounter the problem of high temperature. Should we solve this problem in this way?

Solutions: 1. According to different load requirements, often check and adjust the pressure of relief valve to make it appropriate. 2. Choose the hydraulic oil reasonably, especially the viscosity of the oil. If the conditions permit, try to adopt a lower viscosity to reduce the loss of viscosity and friction. 3. Improving the lubrication condition of moving parts to reduce friction loss is beneficial to reduce work load and heat. 4. Improve the assembly quality and precision of hydraulic components and hydraulic system, strictly control the fitting clearance and improve lubrication conditions. Sealing materials with small friction coefficient and improved sealing structure are adopted to reduce the starting power of hydraulic cylinder as far as possible so as to reduce the heat generated by mechanical friction loss. 5. cooling devices should be added if necessary.

 High Quality Roller Compactor

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