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High Speed Development Trend of Roller Compactor

Aug. 31, 2018

Pharmaceutical is a complex process, which requires many processes, and High Quality Roller Compactor is an important part of it. Therefore, the role of Roller Compactor in the pharmaceutical industry is very obvious. With the development of the pharmaceutical market, the requirement for pelletizer is increasing day by day.

Roller Compactor is a kind of swinging action of rotary drum. It can grind wet powder raw materials into granules by wire sieve. It can also be widely used for grinding granules which have become lumps and ready-made granules. A lump formed during lump forming or during chemical processing.

With the continuous development of the industry, roller compactor machine began to emerge. It is a new roller compactor method developed after the second generation granulation method. it is an environmental friendly granulation process. it is a new equipment for directly pressing powder into granules.

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