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Pharmaceutical Equipment Through-wall Layout Design Considerations

Jun. 27, 2019

As a Laboratory High Shear Mixer Manufacturer, let's talk about the design considerations for the through-wall layout of pharmaceutical equipment.

The design of the plant needs to have a centralized auxiliary area and is convenient to enter. For example, it is considered that the auxiliary area is arranged around the factory building, and the clean area is arranged in the middle of the factory building, so that the auxiliary area can pass through the clean area without going through the work of changing clothes, etc. Auxiliary area for equipment maintenance and overhaul, which is a better layout. If you can't do this kind of layout, you can also connect the auxiliary area with the visiting passage in combination with the visit of the factory, and it can also reduce the problem of maintenance and entering the clean area.

Integrated Production Line

In addition, the auxiliary area needs to have sufficient space, and the equipment maintenance needs to have a corresponding operation position, so that daily use and maintenance can be guaranteed. During the design of the equipment, there should be isolation measures between the auxiliary area and the process area to prevent communication between the auxiliary area and the process area. Pay special attention to the parts and other moving parts that need to be manually operated. If necessary, consider using automatic valves with position detection. Measures.

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