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Turnkey Projects

May. 16, 2019

Pharmaceutical Equipment Turnkey Projects

As a Pharmaceutical Turnkey Projects Manufacturer, Zhejiang Canaan Technology Co., Ltd are here today to introduce you to what is a pharmaceutical turnkey project.

Pharmaceutical Equipment Turnkey Projects are one of the international business methods. A multinational company builds a factory or other engineering project for the host country. Once the design and construction project is completed, including equipment installation, commissioning and initial operation, the “key” of the ownership of the plant or project and the right to manage it will be “completed” according to the contract. To the other party, the other party starts to operate.

Turnkey Projects

Turnkey projects are a non-equity investment method developed after multinational companies in developed countries have blocked investment in developing countries that are not open enough. For example, in the socialist countries before the reform and opening up, except for a few countries such as the former Yugoslavia and Romania, most countries do not allow foreign companies to invest. Therefore, foreign companies can only rely on other means to invest or operate. Turnkey projects are among them. An effective one. In addition, when you have the cutting-edge technology that you need in a certain market, and you want to quickly cover the market in a large area, and the capital and other factors that can be used are insufficient, you can consider the turnkey project.

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